25 years of experience and professionalism in the interest of quality

Born from commitment, reliability and profound passion for spices and herbs that Sergio De Lorenzi has matured in 25 years of work in the family business. Today, YES SPICES SRL, in its new 2.000 m² facility, situated in Santa Maria la Longa (UD), represents a national reference for the wholesale of spices, herbs, high quality dehydrated vegetables intended for nation.al and European markets.

All the spices, herbs and dehydrated vegetables that YES SPICES SRL offers to wholesalers, packagers, processing companies such as salami producers, cheese dairies and in general to the food industry, are high quality products from all over the world.


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Certified quality

All the products are checked thoroughly and are put through laboratory tests that certify their full compliance with Italian and European provisions regarding the food industry.

Upon request, YES SPICES SRL shall also provide steam treated products, milled and packaged in various cuts and particle sizes.
YES SPICES SRL operates in accordance to the HACCP Control Plan that has been approved by the competent local health authorities (ASL); the document is available to customers.